Apr 6, 2013

Scholarship Essay

Just last week, during another family luncheon, my auntie (she happen to be a Sunday School teacher), came to me bringing a few pieces of blank paper, a pen, and two plastic medicine/vitamin bottles .She asked me to draw Jesus and His twelve disciples, the face and the body with the size of the bottles she brought. And I had to draw it right away.

I was stunned momentary, since she didn’t give me time to think. I had only several minutes to finish the drawing.

It was stressful since it was a bit pressuring at the moment since I never like to draw in a rush. She told me that the drawing was referred to Sunday school interest.  Although under pressure, I finally could finish the drawing. And my distress turned into joy because my auntie seemed happy with the outcome of my drawing, I was satisfied too.

Well, that was not the first time my auntie asked me to draw. Last year she also gave me a bigger project for Sunday school interest. I had to draw illustration of many kind of people, occupation in society, and background environment. The drawing illustration was about to be printed, and will be used as a learning project for Sunday school, that what my auntie said.  And for this project, my auntie rewarded me with some amount of money. Not much, but that was the first time I was being paid for my drawing.

And at this moment, I still have to accomplish my new auntie’s project for her Sunday school activities. I have to draw the bible character such as Adam, Abraham, Peter, etc.
And I have to finish my drawing in the near future.

Apart of my manual hand drawing, eventually I have practiced a bit on digital painting with wacom tool, a tablet specialized for drawing. Because of the newly obtained skill set, a friend of mine in OSIS requested that I do a speed painting for the OSIS vice president candidate. I was not fully satisfied with the outcome, but I’m not terribly let down as well. It is by all means a learning experience for me to increase my capability.

As for my school, lately in grade 10 I have been interested in new subject. This school year up to this point has been challenging, lately there had been preparations for the upcoming IG exams, and of course, new subjects to be learned.

 But so far it has been entertaining and interesting. Outside the academic activities from school, I have indulged in some other ‘extracurricular’ activities that I enjoy very much that is especially good for relaxation, namely drawing. Just for fun and for practice drew a lot in my binder-slash-sketchbook.

So far, this is a bit of a summary of what I've done this year, I hope to do more next year.

Doodles and Sketches